Aji Amarillo Chilli

Aji is South American term in used for chilli. The Aji Amarillo chilli is bright yellow, red, orange, or purple in colour. It is also know as ‘Yellow Chilli’ or ‘Yellow Peruvian Chilli.’

The Ajis are also native to Ecuador and Chile. They can be Chinense, Baccatum or Annums. The Annum varieties tend to have upfront heat while the others have flavour first with heat building later. Used extensively in South and Central American cooking they have a chinense type fruity flavour.

The Aji Amarillo chillies ripen slowly and change from green to orange. They can grow to  over 6 inches long and over an inch wide. They are often found dried in the Peruvian market and are great for grilling and stuffing since they are so large.