Ancho Chilli Oil

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Ancho Chilli Oil

Chilli Oil Baked Potatoes

Ancho Potatoes

A gentle oil from a mild, classic Mexican chilli. The exceptionally dark and fleshy chillies exude a deep, full bodied flavour. Very light on spice yet there’s no mistaking the wonderful Ancho backdrop which makes this treasure so popular in Mexican cuisine.

The Ancho Chilli Oil will lift flat flavours – swirl it into soups, onto baked potatoes or grilled peppers. Small, dark and have some!

125 ml.   Batch colours may vary.

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1 review for Ancho Chilli Oil

  1. Mike

    Lovely stuff. Gives a nice nutty heat to everything I put it on which seems to be – everything! I’ve nearly run out and am definitely going to upgrade to maybe a chipotle or cayenne.

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