Birdseye Chilli Oil

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Birdseye Chilli Oil

Sharp and warming.  An uncomplicated fresh bite. Quite light in colour and dry in taste.

A perfect  partner  for the stronger dish, BBQ, Kofta, Curry, Shish and Shami and yes, superb on Pizza.

125 ml.   Batch colours may vary.

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7 reviews for Birdseye Chilli Oil

  1. Lee Pennington

    It’s good!

  2. Caroline Gent

    It brings out the true flavour of the chilli.

  3. Dudley Winterton

    Hits the spot every time!

  4. Harry W

    Comes highly recommended and rightly so. I keep a bottle in the car door to bring some life to garage snacks. A great chilli oil.

  5. Lucy J

    I love this one. Not as hot as the Naga or the Habanero but a great oil and I shall be ordering more right away.

  6. H Doggy

    A classic from Africa indeed.This is a legendary oil and does the great continent justice. Real tang and flavour!

  7. Mike the Bike

    Awesome! Float some droplets on the top of tomato soup!

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