Chilli Oil Mini Sachets Wholesale



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Chilli Oil Mini Sachets Wholesale

  • Small sachets of Chilli Oil in a variety of flavours and strengths.
  • A perfect accompaniment for takeaway Pizzas or Noodle adding value, enhancing your customers experience and building loyalty.
  • Available in 50ml sachets, giving 6 generous servings.
  • Recommended flavours for Pizzas are:

Birdseye (Hot), Cayenne (Medium), Chipotle (Smokey Medium) and Chilli and Garlic (Medium).

  • Recommended flavours for Noodle are:

Birdseye (Hot), Cayenne (Medium), Chilli and Garlic (Medium), Chilli and Ginger (Medium)

  • Low minimum order quantity of just 50 sachets.
  • Storage at room temperature and a 12-month shelf life.
  • Pure quality ingredients of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chilli, free from any additives.


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Chilli Oil Flavour

Chipotle (Medium), Cayenne (Medium), De Arbol (Medium), Chilli & Garlic (Medium), Chilli & Ginger (Medium), Birdseye (Hot), Naga Ghost (Extremely Hot)


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