Chipotle Chilli Oil

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Chipotle Chilli Oil

Chipotle chillies are smoked and dried Jalapeños. The unique combination of smoky flavour with peppery heat makes a mild to medium robust Chilli Oil. Some Chilli Oils have a naturally smoky flavour (Aji Panca, De Arbol) but with the Chipotle, the flavour comes from real smoke. Previously smoked in Mexico we’re now able to secure UK smoked  Jalapeños which seem to hold their distinctive richness, infusing well into a gorgeous Chilli Oil.

Goes well with Pasta, Pizza, Cheese. Great ’round the BBQ.

125 ml.   Batch colours may vary.

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11 reviews for Chipotle Chilli Oil

  1. Alice

    Dunked in my prawn tempura- absolutely hit the spot!

  2. Holly Welch

    The guy selling it fooled me… (smiley face)

  3. Annette Young

    It’s just fab!!

  4. Lottie Reynolds

    Livens up all dishes!

  5. Steve Kirsy

    Still detect the ‘flavour’ – not overpowered by the ‘heat’

  6. Liz Adams

    Wild woodsmoke + a Klassy Kick

  7. Rhys Yafele

    Smoky, super tasty and smells awesome!

  8. Martha Campbell

    It makes me sneeze

  9. G Horton

    My wife likes it too!

  10. Lucy J

    I’m not certain how to pronounce the name of this oil but I am certain that it goes down well every time. Great one.

  11. Juliana

    My favourite! Lovely taste, enough heat… I love it!

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