Habanero Chilli Oil

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Habanero Chilli Oil

The Habanero chilli generates a strong and sharp tingle, producing a wonderfully complicated pungency which is difficult to match. The yellowy green innocent colour of the Habanero Chilli Oil cloaks a refreshing sparkle.

The Habanero chilli oil delivers a wonderful, fresh heat. Use sparingly on delicate foods, loves Pasta, Pizza, Casseroles and Con Carnes.


125 ml.   Batch colours may vary.

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15 reviews for Habanero Chilli Oil

  1. Annabel

    This is the best! Delicious, tasty and doesn’t really blow your head off at all…
    Lash it on scrambled eggs for breakfast. Very very yummy.

  2. Gus

    This one has it all, fulsome flavour and a naughty kick.
    Chilli lovers – you can put this on anything!

  3. Philip

    Delicious earthy Mexican flavour which packs decent kick too. Amazing in sandwiches.

  4. Bob Newiss

    Cool in a hot way!

  5. Mark Parrett

    Hot, Sweet, Yummy!

  6. Stephen Hellberg

    Expecting chilli & that what it delivers.

  7. Angus

    This is the daddy.

  8. Gary Giles

    Instant flavour & enough heat!

  9. Judy

    Love the taste. Tingly tongue x

  10. Harry W

    Near the top end of the heat scale. One down from the Naga but not in flavour. A great addition, with it’s own unique flavour.

  11. Lucy J

    A sound favourite. Another great oil from the Chilli Oil Company. Highly recommended.

  12. H Doggy

    I’ve got into this one over the winter and looking forward to splashing it over the BBQ this summer. A firm favourite. I cant rate it highly enough!!

  13. Fiona

    NICE … What a blinder, best I’ve ever tasted!

  14. Benjamin

    Amazing flavour, lovely heat, delicious on pizza! Bought as a present for my girlfriend’s dad, he’s struggled to find a nice chilli oil here in England and from what I can tell he really likes this one!

  15. Kevin

    Found the Habanero Oil at The Chilli Festival at Waddesdon Manor. We’ve finished our 125ml bottle in 3 months, coming back for more. It is delicious with pretty much everything, a few drops on. Bolognese or in a Chilli con Carne add real flavour and it tastes great on pizza. Highly recommended!

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