Chilli Oil Hot Box + Free Naga Chilli Pods


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Chilli Hot Box + Free Naga Pods

The HOTTEST pack in the park…

What’s inside? The Hot Box includes a range of our hottest yet most flavoursome chilli oils; Naga Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion and the truly magnificent  Carolina Reaper. You also receive 6 free dried Naga Ghost Chilli Pods (handle with care) in a heat-sealed pack, a truly eye-watering  addition to your spice armoury.

The Pods will last and can be used ‘casualy’ to enhance the radiance of your creation – slice finely and add at the begining of your:

Con Carny


Or add a few slices to your Bolognaise, Pizza Topping, Quiche mix…

Will you be remembered as the inventor, the creator or even the alchemist? – have fun, we wish you well!


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