Chilli Oil Hot Box + Free Naga Chilli Pods

The HOTTEST pack in the park
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Chilli Hot Box + Free Naga Pods

What’s inside? The Hot Box includes a range of our hottest yet most flavoursome chilli oils; Naga Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion and the truly magnificent  Carolina Reaper. You also receive 6 free dried Naga Ghost Chilli Pods (handle with care) in a stand up pouch, a truly eye-watering  addition to your spice armoury.

The Pods will last and can be used ‘casually’ to enhance the radiance of your creation – slice finely and add at the beginning of your:

Con Carny


Or add a few slices to your Bolognaise, Pizza Topping, Quiche mix…

Will you be remembered as the inventor, the creator or even the alchemist?

2 reviews for Chilli Oil Hot Box + Free Naga Chilli Pods

  1. Blaine Outerbridge

    This was a perfect gift from our friend from the UK. We had it for two weeks and now we are out because it was that good. Got to find away to get this to Bermuda.

    • Mike

      Blaine – tell us what you would like and we’ll get you a shipping quote to Bermuda.

  2. Robert Morgan

    Love chilli, however even for us, these are hot.

    Saw the sample box of the 3 hottest chillies and bought that. This Naga is the least fierce but is still hot. Think that it is the ‘best tasting’ of the three that we got. The hottest (California Reaper) tastes a bit ‘earthy’ and the 2nd hottest is a bit too hot. Always remember that it doesn’t actually ‘burn’, just makes your taste buds feel like they are. If you want, you can dilute them a bit with some nice EV olive oil that makes it (for us) OK to sprinkle/pour on pizza. It’s hot but if you like chilli, haven’t found anything similar, certainly not better. Can recommend 🙂

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